Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Altaser Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
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I. During performance of this order, your quality control systems and manufacturing process are subject to
review, verification, analysis, and approval by Altaser and regulatory authorities.
II. Altaser, Altaser customers’ and regulatory authorities shall be afforded the right to verify at the supplier’s
premises any information relating to the manufacture, procurement, testing, and/or inspection of
product required for the performance of this order.
III. Supplier is responsible for complying with all of the requirements of this purchase order including
providing complete and proper documentation with each shipment of product.
IV. The information disclosed herein is proprietary with Altaser and shall not be duplicated, used, or disclosed
to reproduce articles or subject matter covered therein without written permission. By acceptance of this
P.O., the supplier agrees to affix this statement to any duplication thereof in completely or in part.
V. Any expedited delivery costs (e.g. airfreight) caused by non-adherence to the purchase order schedule
and negotiated lead times shall be the responsibility of the supplier.
VI. In the event of seller fails to deliver an acceptable piece within the delivery date stipulated on the PO #
________, Altaser reserve its rights and without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, terminate this
PO in whole or in part without incurring any liability whatsoever to the seller.

I. Terms stated by Supplier shall not be binding unless accepted in writing by Buyer or his authorized

I. The price (s) referred to in this order is fixed and will not be subject to any increase. The payment
shall constitute neither an acknowledgment of performance nor waiver of warranty.

I. The order cannot sub-contracted by the Supplier without the prior written consent of Altaser.

I. The supplier must ensure that the goods and materials are supplied according to the Buyer’s
specification and description. The supplier must not change any material or specification without first
obtaining written concession or permission of the Buyer.

I. The piece or test is to be performed in accordance to the latest revision of purchase item drawing number.
II. The due date indicated on this PO is the required ship out date.
III. Separate delivery schedule will give to Vendor, if there is any change of delivery schedule and Vendor
must comply with the schedule and quantity given.
IV. Vendor is to notify Altaser in Advance, to be approved to ship out the parts before notifying Freight
Forwarder to collect for shipment despite the schedule given to Vendor.

I. If this order relates to any article in which the Buyer supplies the engineering design, die, mold, jig, tool,
etc. the supplier undertakes to use such engineering design drawings, dies, molds, jigs, tools, etc. must
be returned to the Buyer on completion of this Order.

I. Supplier shall preserve and pack the goods in such a manner as to ensure that the goods arrive at their
destination intact and undamaged. The packing shall comply strictly with any special requirements
specified by the Buyer for transport of Goods of a similar nature and construction.
II. Supplier shall deliver the goods as specified in the order.
III. All containers over 50 lbs. gross weight shall be placed on a pallet to enable mechanical handling.
IV. Paper, cardboard, or other suitable means shall be used to prevent Metal-to-Metal contact between all
machined/finished surfaces of product.
V. Packaging shall be clearly identified with the following information: supplier name, P.O. number, part
number, product description, quantity, and Altaser-assigned lot number (or serial number).
VI. Packaging cases shall be returnable to Altaser to avoid damage.
VII. All packages are to be marked.

I. Upon receipt of the original purchase order, supplier must, without fail send back the acknowledgment
copy of the purchase order to the buyer.

II. Upon receipt of the original shipping documents, Bill of Lading (B/L) or Airway Bill (AWB) from the
forwarders, supplier must without fail, send a copy of these documents (B/L AWB) to the buyer.

III. Certificate of compliance and applicable material test report must accompany shipment of goods (The
Certificate of Conformance must reflect the serial / heat number of material).

IV. Reports on mechanical properties and chemical analysis must accompany shipment of goods.

V. Unless otherwise specified, all items / Materials have to be supplied to the latest revision.

VI. No second level subcontracting is permitted without written authorization from Altaser.

VII. Supplier shall notify and obtain approval from Altaser prior to implementation of any changes in their
processes that would affect product quality. Changes that may affect quality include, but not limited to,
use of new vendors, new part numbers or materials, relocation of facilities, usage of new equipment and
changes in personnel in Manufacturing / QA certified areas.

VIII. Supplier must notify Altaser of any non-conforming material or part. Altaser shall determine all disposition  

of non-conforming material.

IX. Altaser and its customers and regulatory authorities shall be afforded the right of entry to verify the
quality of work, records and materials at any place, including subcontractor’s / supplier’s premises, that
they conform to specified requirements. This does not absolve the subcontractor / supplier from the
responsibility neither to provide acceptable products, nor shall it precludes subsequent rejection by

X. Supplier shall comply with all applicable export, import and customs laws, regulations, orders or directives
from any relevant authority, including the US and Canadian authorities, governing or controlling the
transfer, export, import, retransfer or re-export of any Product or associated technical data.

XI. Supplier certify that none of the products it supply to Altaser is controlled by ITAR (United States
International Traffic in Arms Regulations) or are classified at a level other than EAR99 (United States
Export Administration Regulations)


I. Packing slip, which includes supplier’s information, the part number and quantity being shipped, the
packing slip number, and the P.O. number (including line and release numbers).
II. Certificate of conformance, which includes supplier’s information, part number and quantity being
shipped, Altaser-assigned lot number(s), the packing slip number, reference to documentation
authorizing shipment of nonconforming product (if applicable), and the P.O. Number.
III. Invoice should reference Altaser purchase order.
IV. A dimensional report stating all the manufactured and/or affected characteristics must be provided.
I. It is supplier´s responsibility to notify immediately any Quality Escape.
II. If Customer Engineering has agreed in writing (prior to shipment) to accept nonconforming product in its
current condition, the supplier shall supply a separate certificate of conformance for the nonconforming
product, referencing the P.O. number, part number, Altaser-assigned lot number or serial number,
quantity, etc.
III. The document shall also state that the product does not fully conform to the purchase order requirements
and shall identify and take exception to the specific nonconformance’s identified. Supplier shall also
include documentation from Customer authorizing its shipment.
IV. When shipping to Customer, nonconforming product shall be physically identified using a temporary
method of identification (preferably a red tag). Nonconforming product, when shipped with conforming
product, shall be segregated in separate bags, boxes, or other appropriate packaging. The packing slip
shall identify the nonconforming product (quantity and identification/traceability) separately from the
conforming product.
I. Supplier must be certified to ISO9001 or AS/EN9100
II. Quality System must be compliant to Customer specification (Latest revision).
III. Raw material distributors must be compliant to AS/EN 9120B, AS/EN9100 or ISO 9001: 2015
IV. Calibration suppliers must be compliant to ANSI/NCSL Z540.1, ISO 10012, and ISO/IEC 17025
V. Supplier is responsible for flowing down and for ensuring adherence to the requirements of this purchase
order by all sub-tiers.

a. All sub-tiers documentation must note Customer as the end user.
b. Sub-tiers Quality System must be compliant to Customer Quality system
c. Sub-tiers must grant the right of access to the information to the Customer, Organization and
Regulatory Authorities as specified in this document. Section Miscellaneous.
d. Sub-tiers must immediately notify any Quality Escape.
e. Sub-tiers must also retain all records as specified herein. The delivery of records to Altaser does
not release the supplier from meeting end customer’s record retention policy, except as agreed
to in writing by Altaser. In case of supplier, ceasing operations (i.e., goes out of business) shall
contact Altaser buyer to make arrangements for the transfer of all quality records to Altaser for
storage. In case of supplier discontinues acceptance of specific end customer purchase orders,
but whose business remains intact, shall be responsible for the archival of all quality-related
records for time periods specified by the end customer.
f. Supplier will retain all records for 10 years, and will make these records available upon request
within 24 hours.
g. As required to verify products and processes, supplier shall use and maintain calibrated inspection
and test equipment in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540.1, ISO 10012, and ISO/IEC 17025, as


Altaser purchase order and Altaser customer’s requirements. Supplier shall ensure all applicable provisions of this
document are flowed down to its subcontractors. The Supplier shall apply appropriate controls to their direct and
sub-tier external providers.
The organization shall ensure the adequacy of requirements prior to their communication to the external
The organization shall communicate to external providers its requirements for:
I. The processes, products, and services to be provided including the identification of relevant technical data
(e.g., specifications, drawings, process requirements, work instructions);
II. the approval of:
a. products and services;
b. methods, processes, and equipment;
c. the release of products and services;
III. competence, including any required qualification of persons;
IV. the external providers’ interactions with the organization;
V. control and monitoring of the external providers’ performance to be applied by the organization;
VI. verification or validation activities that the organization, or its customer, intends to perform at the external
providers’ premises;
VII. design and development control;
VIII. special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics;
IX. Test, inspection, and verification (including production process verification);
X. the use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by the
XI. the need to: implement a quality management system; use customer-designated or approved external
providers, including process sources (e.g., special processes); notify the organization of nonconforming
processes, products, or services and obtain approval for their disposition; prevent the use of counterfeit parts;
notify the organization of changes to processes, products, or services, including changes of their external
providers or location of manufacture, and obtain the organization’s approval; flow down to external providers
applicable requirements including customer requirements; provide test specimens for design approval,
inspection/verification, investigation, or auditing; retain documented information, including retention
periods and disposition requirements; l. the right of access by the organization, their customer, and regulatory
authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the
supply chain;
XII. ensuring that persons are aware of:
a. Their contribution to product or service conformity;
b. Their contribution to product safety;
c. The importance of ethical behavior.

As with any industry, the potential for counterfeit parts exists within the Aerospace Industry. Therefore, suppliers
must make every effort to assure safe, reliable product and mitigate the risk of counterfeit parts entering the
A counterfeit part is any item misrepresented as having been designed and/or produced under an approved
system or other acceptable method. The term also includes parts that have reached a design life limit or has been
damaged beyond possible repairs, but is altered and misrepresented as acceptable.
All Suppliers must establish a Counterfeit Parts Prevention and Control Plan to assure that parts meet or exceed
Altaser customer requirements. This shall ensure counterfeit parts are not delivered to Altaser.
Supplier shall immediately notify Altaser with the pertinent facts regarding any confirmed or suspected
counterfeit parts.
In any case, the Counterfeit Parts Prevention Program must include but not limited to:
I. A robust receiving inspection process.
II. Documentation traceability requirements (certifications, packing slips, etc.)
III. Counterfeit Part recognition keys:
a. Absence of manufacturer’s logos or labels
b. Alterations or changes to documents
c. Inconsistent finishes, painting, etc.
d. Poor quality part ink or laser marking
IV. Bar codes that do not match the printed part number if counterfeit parts are furnished under a purchase
agreement, such items shall be impounded. The Supplier or when applicable their Sub-Tier Supplier shall
promptly replace such items with items acceptable to Altaser and the Supplier or when applicable their
Sub-Tier Supplier may be liable for all costs relating to impoundment, removal and replacement.

I. Notices. Any notice to Buyer will be directed to Buyers authorized representative. Any notice required
pursuant to this Purchase Order will be in writing and will be deemed received as of the date of actual
receipt of written notice.
II. Publicity. Without the prior written consent of the other party, neither party will use the name, logo, or
trademark of the other party nor refer to this Purchase Order in any publicity or advertising, or disclose
to any third party any of the terms of this Purchase Order; provided that, Altaser may provide information
relating to product performance specifications and warranties to its customers.
III. Right of access by the organization, their customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of
all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.
IV. Governed by 15 CFR Part 30 of the Foreign Trade Regulations, the seller (also known as United States
Principal Party in interest, «USPPI») or the USPPI authorized agent is mandatory required for filing the
Electronic Export Information «EEI» through the Automated Export System «AES».
V. Bill to Altaser S.A. de C.V. to the following address:
VI. Supplier to e-mail all original invoices to Altaser, S.A. de C.V. following address:
Cuentasxpagar@altaser-aero.com; m.dediego@altaser-aero.com
VII. Ship to: Ola Logistics, LLC / Altaser
11350 James Watt, El Paso, Tx. 79936
(915) 633 1966
Schedule: M – F 8:00 to 16:00 hrs
Attn: Monica De Diego

  • 614 4175492
  • Calle Sicomoro 2905, Francisco I. Madero, 31150 Chihuahua, Chih.
  • ventas@altaser-aero.com