about us

about us


ALTASER is a company created in 2012 to satisfy the growing demand of the manufacturing industry in Mexico and North America.

Being in business since 2012 has allowed us to work with all sorts of different industries for different types of products. Our specialty is working with industries that require high quality CNC machined metal parts, components, and assemblies.

We regularly work with the following industries on a regular basis and have full knowledge of the various quality requirements and expectations within each industry:

Aerospace:  We are AS9100 Rev. D Registered. We regularly work as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 with prime OEM’s and contractors that require strict and tight tolerances and specifications, quality requirements and documentation. Some of the types of products we fabricate for the Aerospace industry include complex welded assemblies, precision brackets and components, fittings, seals, chassis, enclosures, gear blanks, and railings just to name a few.

Oil & Gas: We are ISO 9001 compliant, as well work with prime contractors that require strict and tight tolerances, specifications and quality requirements. Products we have machined for this industry are shafts and valve fittings.

Industrial: Altaser has had the opportunity of machining some of the most complex industrial assemblies for heavy equipment that require a lot of bearing inclusion and dimensions.

Altaser is established in Chihuahua Mexico, 100% Mexican owned and part of the Industrial division of the Grupo Punto Alto.


OUR team

  • All our personnel have been carefully selected among the best.
  • Hiring a mix of experienced and recently degreed personnel

are developing an integrated team.

  • Our training program has been designed to develop the

skills of our employees.

  • We invest in the future hiring ahead to have always available capacity.
  • We have individual goals and a career development plan for

each employee.


We collaborate in various business-school projects, with local universities, in order to prepare young residents and train them to make them personal highly qualified, whose knowledge and experience will make them the most important thing of the company: human value is invaluable to Altaser.

OUR corporate

At Grupo Punto Alto we believe that our business success is the result of the success of our employees.

We are a business group with high influence on the economic, social and environmental development of our country, as a result of the synergies achieved between our companies, collaborators and business partners. We believe in respect, honesty, responsibility and loyalty, basing our activities on ethical and social values of unity, promoting teamwork and deep commitment to the common good of the cities where we work.

  • 614 4175492
  • Calle Sicomoro 2905, Francisco I. Madero, 31150 Chihuahua, Chih.
  • ventas@altaser-aero.com